The Basques have made a unique cultural contribution to the American West.  We are proud to continue the traditions of those who came before us and forge new inroads to Basque identity in the twenty-first century.  
Zenbat Gara's work is largely inspired by the folk ballet Argia from Donostia, Gipuzkoa and the monumental work of its director Juan Antonio Urbeltz who we are fortunate to have as a friend and  mentor. 

Since 1989 we have taken audiences from six western states on a virtual dance tour of Euskal Herria by performing suites from all of its regions. Each program features  corresponding traditional clothing reproduced by Zenbat Gara members.

Members are involved at many levels of participation in addition to dance which include  research, wardrobe, fundraising, cultural presentations and social activities such as  group outings, potlucks and card parties.

In keeping with our motto "ikertu, eman eta zabaldu" (research, give and disseminate), Zenbat Gara members pass on what we have learned by teaching dance workshops to a variety of groups and by researching and designing costumes for other dance troupes. We have also contributed to several museum exhibits and give cultural presentation about Basque traditions.

Our Inspiration

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