Zenbat Gara Members are involved at many levels of participation in addition to dance.  To find out more about selected activities and see photos, use the links on the right.

Besides obtaining information about dances and costumes directly from the source in the Basque Country, Zenbat Gara members research aspects of dance and culture through secondary sources.  We are fortunate to have the Basque Library at UNR available to us. Their collection contains a wide variety of materials including books, music, and video.

Wardrobe is one of  Zenbat Gara's main focuses.  All clothing and most accessories are made by ensemble members. Each individual contributes to the level of his or her ability.  In this way members have learned many other skills in addition to dance.

Since Zenbat Gara is almost entirely self-funded members must participate in fundraising to sustain our activities.  While the ensemble receives compensation for performances, we raise most of our funds by selling gateau Basque, a special custard-filled cake from Iparralde or the northern provinces. 

Cultural Presentations
From time to time members present Basque topics to the rest of the group as a way to educate ourselves. The group is also called on periodically to give presentations on Basque topics to other groups which sometimes take the form of lecture-demos or fashion shows.

Social Activities
Although Zenbat Gara has a somewhat didactic focus, members also enjoy social activities like excursions, potlucks and card parties. 





Holiday Activities



Our Inspiration

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