Center for Basque Studies University of Nevada, Reno

Cyber Dantza an internet resource for Basque dance created by Zenbat Gara's director. (English)

Bizkaiko Dantzak an excellent resource for the dances of Bizkaia created by the group Elai-Alai from Portugalete.  It features information, articles, videos, music, costumes and more. (English, Basque, Spanish)

Dantzaldizkaria  an online magazine for American Basque dancers and dance enthusiasts.  Features articles, answers to your questions and news. a Basque language resource for Basque dance that includes news, articles, opinions, general information, bibliography and links

Fieldnotes a photo-journal chronicling some of our director's recent anthropological fieldwork in Basque dance.  Features dance activity in Oņati, Gipuzkoa.

Txistulari the online home of Txistulari Magazine.  Not just for musicians.

Euskal Dantzarien Biltzarra website of the Basque dance federation 

Buber's Basque Page an incredible resource for just about anything Basque

Kafe Antzokia the hotspot for live music and Basque cultural activities in Bilbo Bizkaia.  If you are planning a trip be sure to check out their schedule.

Eusko News & Media a weekly-updated electronic publication about Basque science and culture

Berria online Basque newspaper in English

Cenarrusa Center an education research and publishing organization producing public information about the Basque experience on an ongoing basis

Lardies an on-line store featuring Basque clothing and accessories, T-shirts, flags, and San Fermin gear (Basque, English, Spanish)

Nevada Arts Council Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program

Congress on Research in Dance

Society of Dance History Scholars Ethnicity and Dance Working Group


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