Costume Consultation
Wardrobe has always been an important aspect of Zenbat Gara. We have been very fortunate to have Ane Albisu of Ikerfolk's Atondu project as a guide on our search for authenticity. We, in turn, have been able to share what we have learned with other dance groups in the American West. Zenbat Gara has designed costumes for and advised the following groups on fabrics and Old-World techniques: Boiseko Gazteak Nagusiak (1997), Battle Mountain Oberenak (1998), Winnemucca Irrintzi Dancers (1998), and Ontario Beti Alai Dantzariak (2000).

Left: Design for Nagusiak group of BoisekoGazteak (1997).  Above: Boise Performance 1999

Design for Winnemucca Irrintzi Dancers (1998)


Battle Mountain Oberenak



Design for Beti Alai Dantzariak of 
Ontario, Oregon (2000)

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