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Ikerfolk Releases Third Volume of Jira Galdua with Music CD featuring the dances of Zuberoa
by Lisa Corcostegui

The pre-classic dances of the Maskarada from Zuberoa are some of the most intricate and technically demanding of all Basque dances.  

The dances of Gipuzkoa, which are also pre-classic, were transcribed by Iztueta in 1824.  Iztueta's writing has guided thousands of dancers in Gipuzkoan dance over the years. Until now, there was no such resource for the dances of Zuberoa.  You may know that dances from Gipuzkoa are made up of steps with individual names such as laisterka, lau arin and muriska.  The steps in dances from Zuberoa also have individual names although until now not many people outside of that province were aware of them.  

Based in Donostia, Ikerfolk is an association dedicated to theMaskarada in Gotaine, Zuberoa 2001 research of Basque dance and folklore.  Over the last few years researchers who are also dancers have studied with dance masters from Zuberoa to learn technique and terminology.  This volume of the publication known as Jira Galdua comes with a music CD containing the melodies of the dances described. 

Past volumes of Ikerfolk's Gira Galdua focused on the dances of Gipuzkoa and a method for learning to play the panderoa or tambourine:  

1998 Gipuzkoako dantza-maisuen taula gimnastiko-koreografikoa

2000 Panderoa:historia eta metodoa. Ikerfolk 


Schedule of this year's Maskaradak in Zuberoa

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