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1) General characteristics of Gaztemundu 2002

Since 1996 the main focus of the Gaztemundu program has been on helping young people associated with the various Euskal Etxeak (Basque Clubs) to gain a better understanding of Euskadi today. The program involves a fifteen-day stay, during which time participants take part in a series of events that provide them with first-hand experience on cultural, social, governmental and business activities in the Basque Country.

One of the activities put forward for the program's 7th edition is directed fundamentally at directors and leaders of Basque club dance groups. The aim is to create a platform for contact between dance groups in different countries that sponsor Basque clubs.

The relationship of a large part of the young people involved in Basque clubs today is precisely through their dance groups.

There are presently dozens of Basque dance groups in several different countries, each with varying levels of expertise. Some of the groups are a clear reference for dance groups in Euskadi.

The main objective for the September 2002 program now being organized is to create platforms for exchange between groups, and to enhance coordination of aspects such as repertories and materials. Sharing these resources can and should be of benefit to all Basque club dance groups. A program outline will be sent out through these pages in the forthcoming weeks.

2) Program dates and venues

The program will take place from September 6th through 20th 2002. Participants will visit a number of towns throughout Euskadi when they are celebrating their traditional Basque festivals.

During the second week a hostel will be the site for workshops, conferences and work groups.

3) Guidelines for participation

Participants, preferably directors and leaders, must be currently involved in Basque dance in order to be eligible. They must be members of officially recognized Basque centers listed in the Register of Basque Centers, and have been a club member for at least three years.

There is space for a maximum of 40 people in this year's program. Should there be more than 40 applications, the Department of Basque Organizations will carry out a selection process among the applicants.

4) Application process

The attached application form shall serve as a model for applying to this year's Gaztemundu Program.

In addition to the application form, each candidate shall present a research project on one or more of the subjects listed below:

1. The History of your Euskal Etxea dance group. If your group has a long history, it would be advisable point out the different stages of its history, indicating the following: when it was founded and who was responsible for promoting the group; the initial repertory, teaching methods and instructor's name; where dancers practiced; date and place of first performance; repertory of first performance; how costumes were obtained; what models were used as a source; who was in charge of costumes; how swords, hoops, etc were obtained; and who played the music.
2. Your group today and its plans for the future. Number of members and where they are from; where and how often the group practices; instructors' names and where they themselves learned to dance, including the names of their teachers. Group repertory, date, place and person who brought the dances to the repertory. Performances: date, place, how many, for what occasion. Current repertory, where the group dances (outdoors, club premises, different locations, theaters, etc.). Number of dantzaris taking part in rehearsals. The group's plans for the future.
3. Repertory. Identify your group's repertory, providing details on the following aspects: name, date, place and person responsible for introducing each dance to the group; description of costumes and materials used (attach photographs). Gather information talked about at the club on the origin of each dance (the province it comes from, if it is traditional or invented, when it is danced and information on the day or festival it is danced, information on the musical instrument accompanying the dance and if there is written music).
4. Write a research paper on the dances from a particular province in Euskal Herria or about a particular dance (or group of dances). Describe the steps and origin, as well as how the dance or set of dances are danced today, costumes used, music, etc. The paper can cover these or other subjects.

During their visit, program participants will have the opportunity to present their work to the rest of the participants.

Documentation to be presented:

Properly completed application form (attached).
Certificate from the Governing Board verifying that the applicant is a member of the club and has been so for a minimum of three years, and the degree of participation in the club's dance group.
Certificate from the Governing Board verifying the number of people involved in the dance group, the repertory and number of performances, and the group's influence/experience abroad.

The deadline for applications is May 15th 2002.

Applications shall be written in Word 6.0 or higher and sent by email to: Benan-Oregi@ej-gv.es

5) Selection phase

Candidates who have met all requirements and have presented a research project will be scored according to the following scale:

Assessment of research paper up to 40 points
Assessment of candidate's current level of participation
in dance group activities (with certificate) up to 30 points
Group's influence/experience abroad (with certificate) up to 20 points
Level of Euskara up to 10 points


The Secretary General for Foreign Action will contact selected candidates by July 10th.

All selected candidates must send in the following documents by July 20th:

1. Signed approval from.
2. Agreement endorsed by the participating Basque club (committing the participant to give a conference upon his or her return about the program to the rest of the young people in the club, or to other groups).
3. Commitment on the part of the candidate to participate in the entire program.

7) General terms and conditions

Geographical origin will be a factor in the selection of candidates, with an eye to encouraging the inclusion of as many dance groups as possible. An effort will also be made to proportional representation of the different countries.

If a selected candidate should drop out of the program, the next person on the waiting list will be offered the chance to participate.



First and Last Name:
Date of birth:
Place of birth: Country:
Postal code: City: State/Province: Country:


Education (if presently a student, indicate the year):
Are you presently working: Yes: No:
If you are working, what is your profession and job position:


Native language:
Other languages: Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Other (specify)


Indicate the number of times and the years you have visited Euskadi:


Name of your Euskal Etxea
Date of initial membership
Position or task in your Euskal Etxea


Indicate why you are interested in taking part in the program.

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For more information contact Benan-Oregi@ej-gv.es

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