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Your Questions: 
  • Are there any Basque dances that use castanets?

Although we usually associate castanets with Spanish flamenco dance,  there are examples of castanet dances in the Basque Country.  The dances performed by men on Corpus Christi in Oņati, Gipuzkoa use castanets.  Another example is a dance called Ttun Ttun from The Valley of Erronkari in the province of Nafarroa.  This second dance is performed by both men and women.  Dancers from La Rioja region of Araba also play castanets.  It is hard to say if castanets were more widely used in the past.





Korpus Eguna in Oņati, Gipuzkoa
Korpus Eguna in Oņati, Gipuzkoa

Ttun ttun performed by Zenbat Gara
Ttun Ttun from Isaba in the Valley of Erronkari

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